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About Grayscape

Hey y'all! I am Whitley, the owner and creator of Grayscape. I am a fashion/portrait/event/nature photographer based out of the Richmond/Lexington Kentucky area! However, I love to travel so please don't let distance keep us apart! You can usually catch me eating tacos with the husbabe, at the dog park with the fur babes, watching HGTV, or going on random sporadic road trips in my big truck. My guilty pleasure is binge watching every season of Survivor and eating Ramon Noodles with my hands (oh, you know you do it too!) I’m wayyyy too obsessed with cool mugs, vintage cameras, antique dishes, and almost any meme.

I’m married to the weirdest, most extraordinary, hottest, nerd this side of the Mississippi. Not to mention, he’s a Veteran so we’ve lived/traveled all over the place! (Hollllleeerrrr all active duty military and veterans get 20% off of each package or donate 20% of the full price package to wounded warriors)

I’ve been in the photography game for about 8 years now. I’m not about those weird, stiff poses. I’m more for the candid moments; catching the real you. I want you to feel and look like yourself in the photos. I want to capture the weird, genuine, fun, quirky love that is between or in beings. I want to create a fun, safe space so I can capture your true self.

I want to capture the big loud moments and the soft in between moments. I want to capture from the look of terror as you fall to the ground tripping over your own feet, to the laughing so hard that you almost pee yourself, to the quiet booty grabs that you think no one saw. I want to capture your true story.

Let's be weirdos together and create something magical!