About Grayscape



Hey y'all! (I think that is what Texans say??) I am Whitley, the owner and creator of Grayscape. I am a fashion/portrait/event/nature photographer. I am currently based out of Austin, TX! However, I love to travel so please don't let distance keep us apart! I am a lover of fashion, food, any form of art, and any of the creative weirdos out there! You can usually catch me eating tacos with the husbabe, at the dog park with the fur babes, or going on random sporadic road trips. Let's catch up and create something special!


My momma started noticing that I was becoming way more introverted than I used to be and my anxiety was so much worse once I started middle school. She noticed that I would always ask to use her digital camera to take photos of nature when I was going through middle school. She understood that photography might be a way she could let me express myself, so in 2007 she bought me my very first "fancy" camera. Once I had that camera, I finally felt like my life really made sense-why my eyes could see the beauty in certain things, while others couldn't. (Thanks Momma!)