Real Life Stories

! Snow Day !

I had almost 6 days off of work/life this weekend. Mom and I were planning on going to Alabama this weekend, however the weather had different plans for us. We were snowed in. Ever since my wreck late last year, I am terrified to drive in any kind of bad weather. So I called into work on Wednesday, but luckily I didn't have to work all weekend. So the pups and I just had a nice relaxing weekend home. We started to get cabin fever by the second day, but hey! It's better than having to go to work or school! Now that I have graduated, it feels really weird to actually have a "day off." Usually my snow days would have included homework, writing a paper, or studying for a test, but on these snow days I could do whatever I wanted. It was GREAT.

However, it is back to reality tomorrow at 9AM. Come to LOFT; I'll be there all day! (Hey, it is better than going to school!)

Whitley Brandenburg