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70's in the 2010's

It seems as if somehow the 70's have made their way back into the 2010's?! Many of the styles I do not care for. But one I do care for is the off the shoulder trend that is going on. The silhouette looks good on people with broad shoulders or people who have an hourglass figure (which I just happen to have). What I love most about this LOFT dress is the embroidery pattern on the dress. Embroidery is another trend from the 70's that I am a big fan of. My mom has always referred to be as her flower child, especially in my 20's. I have what you call a boho style. My style changes depending on my mood that day, what music is inspiring me that day, or the people that I hang around during that time in my life.

I've changed a lot, especially in the past 4 years. I am a completely different person than I was in high school. I think that I have changed for the better. I have become a lot more "artsy" if I must say. My photography has really evolved as well. Part of that is because of the updated equipment of course, but some of it is how I view things that I take pictures of. I don't take pictures because something is pretty; I take pictures because it makes me feel a certain way; it speaks to my soul in some way. Now that I have a degree in fashion design; I can appreciate how a garment was crafted and how the creative design came into play. I buy clothes that make me feel beautiful.

PS: This man up above is amazing. He is the handsomest (if that is even a word), kindest, most selfless man that I have ever met. He makes me a better person, and I am going to go ahead and claim that I make him a better one too. There is no one else in the world that I would move half way across the country for, in the middle of a desolate desert for. I love the fact that he supports my dreams and encourages me to chase them even when I am not confident enough to do myself.


This off the shoulder trend makes me feel beautiful because I think it shows of my boho personality and I think it compliments my figure as well! This dress is from LOFT. I worked for the ANN INC company for almost 4 years, so most of my clothes are from LOFT. I just love the fact that LOFT has clothing for all age groups that makes women feel beautiful. I love that a 60 year old woman can come in and buy a dress and look beautiful, then a 23 year old woman can come in and buy the same exact dress and look beautiful too. Timeless; ageless.

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