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Anthro Sale!

Hi ladies and gents! Welcome back! I'm sorry I didn't post sooner, but adulting had to be done today. I was planning to have the whole day off to write a story or something inspiring, but then I was called into work, had to do laundry, run errands, and clean my house. So.... Here is is 5:00 PM and I am just now sitting down after being up since 4AM. Yikes! I had a really busy weekend full of parties and movies. I went to a birthday party and a baby shower. I also saw Suicide Squad (was way too pre-teen for me, would have been so much better if it was focused around Jared) and Lights Out (which I recommend seeing!)

Anthropologie was having a sale this weekend, so I took advantage! Anthro is quite expensive, or at least expensive for my budget. I like getting deals and sometimes I splurge and get something nice. Even though I work for the company and get a pretty decent discount, I still can't buy things when they aren't on sale. I bought the shirt for about $30 and the headband for about $5! Headbands are such a good way to dress up your outfit or give it a little flare! I'll be posting another outfit I bought from the sale later in the week as well. You can shop the look below! 

Shirt: Anthropologie (sold out) Similar here

Necklace: LOFT Fall 2014 (any statement necklace will do)

Headband: Anthropologie  Shop here

Pleather Leggings LOFT Fall 2015      Similar here

Whitley Brandenburg