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Lulu's at Mojave

Now I take you to one of the most peaceful places on Earth; the Mojave Desert. We always drive through the Mojave preserve to go to Vegas, or really to drive anywhere east of California. There is practically no civilization on the Mojave Preserve besides the town of Amboy (aka where the film "The Hills Have Eyes" people eaters). It is a really pretty drive though. It is full of Joshua Trees, lots of sand, and of course those gorgeous mountains. I've seen plenty of sunsets in Kentucky, but none of them compare to sunsets in the desert. First the sunsets start out orange, then red, then pink, and finally ends with this blue haze; it is absolutely gorgeous.

This photoshoot was taken after we hiked/sweated all day at Zion National Park, so I definitely don't look my best. But D and I both said at the exact same time when we saw those mountains, "Photo's?" So we immediately pulled over and took some photos. This awesome dress is from It is actually long enough for my long legs and fits great! I love the pattern on this dress and love the fact that it does not wrinkle!

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