Real Life Stories

Magnolia Market

So if you guys know anything about me, you know that I am OBSESSED with HGTV (one of the major down falls of only having Hulu/Netflix). You also know that I LOVE Fixer Upper and partly moved to Texas to be closer to this booming market. Joanna is my spirit animal and I find Chip so funny and charming. Anyway, it has always been a dream of mine to go to their empire that they've built in Waco, Texas. FINALLY I got the chance to go and it was MAGICAL!! I went with my mom when she came to visit me. It only takes about 2 hours to get there with traffic, so it is not bad at all.

Waco was different that what I had expected. I'm not really sure what I expected. I always thought that it was a smaller town, and the "down town" was more local. However, you immediately get off of the interstate and bam, there it is! It is crazy how Chip and Joanna have changed this little town. Before Fixer Upper, I'm sure people weren't like "Hey, let's spend our spring break in Waco, Texas!" And I am sure vendors and businesses around Texas weren't like "Yeah, we need to have a store in Waco, because we could get a lot of exposure." But now thousands of people each day make the trip out to Waco, Texas and even spend their spring breaks there. I was amazed at how many people were in Waco on a Friday morning. It was absolutely mind blowing. The market and silos were a lot bigger than I expected as well. There were so many other vendors and buildings that I wasn't even aware of. There were also lines EVERYWHERE. I mean, just to get in the bakery, there was a 2 hour line just to get a cupcake! 

Waco was also so safe. When we were walking to the Silo's, they had police everywhere. They had police directing traffic, blocking off streets, and there was at least 2 cops at every corner of the Silo's property. The Silos had so many staff people there. I mean one person's job was to just take pictures of people in front of the cell phones. People just gave them their phones, they took the pictures, and moved along. It is so efficient. Long story short, The Silos are magical and everyone needs to make a trip out there for at least a day. It is absolutely amazing what Chip and Joanna have made there. Here are some of our pictures of this amazing experience!

(Outfit brought to you buy Levi's and Arden)